Benefits of massaging buttocks

This is the best way to massage you buttocks.

You can do this with or without the cream. You will do this massage with the back of your hands, make a fist and start massaging your buttocks. You’re going to be going up and accessing those glutes. Your hand’s basically going to fall right into that groove. And you can even do some motion with the leg, and allow your knuckles to fall right into that glute.

Did you know that your buttocks are a combination of fat and muscle? Yes, the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body. Collectively, all of the muscles in the buttocks are essential for movement, aids in good posture and stability. A good deep tissue massage can benefit your butt in so many ways and can definitely help grow your derriere.

Butt massages are great for treating a host if pain related issues. In addition, deep butt massages stretch and push the glutes muscles which ultimately boosts the circulation in that area and strengthens the muscles in that area.

Take a dime size of the cream of your choice and rub both hands to create heat and start underneath the butt cheeks, massaging from bottom to top then from the middle of the butt to the sides.

Remember the more you massage, the better the cream will penetrate. There is a big difference between massaging and rubbing!

For beginners, massage by kneading out the muscles gently and as you progress in your treatment, increase the pressure while massaging.


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